The Host

The Host

At the beginning I want to mark that I really liked this movie and this is my honest review. I will grant that my expectations were very low before seeing it... I was so mind destroyed that I ended up watching it three times whole movie online in the web, almost without breaks. I especially love in The Host the soundtrack, it is one of the greatest movies soundtracks ever. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. Remarkable movie on numerous accounts, and easily a modern classic. ...Really, I want to watch this great movie online again. It was absolutely the best! No better place than go123stream exist for free movies and tv shows so I added this movie here, now every single person can watch this movie online for free and now everyone can watch this movie online for free

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Actors: Kang-ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon, Hae-il Park, Doona Bae, Ah-sung Ko, Dal-su Oh, Jae-eung Lee, Dong-ho Lee, Je-mun Yun, David Joseph Anselmo, Martin Lord Cayce, Cristen Cho

Directors: Joon-ho Bong

Country: South Korea

Production: Chungeorahm Film, Happinet Corporation, Showbox/Mediaplex

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 7,5

Duration: 119 min

Views: 50